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Leicester 1 Arsenal 1: Pretty poor all round

FIRSTLY, credit to Leicester. Were I a Leicester fan I’d undoubtedly be delighted with my team’s performance.

Now that’s out the way, let it be said we were dreadful. Disorganised in defence, half arsed in midfield and out of our depth up front, only Alexis Sanchez emerged with any credit. I was in sole charge of a toddler and a baby throughout this game and I can honestly say I was grateful for their sideshow, so bad was our performance.

It was midfield that pained me most. Flamini looked way out of position at times (though perhaps prompted by those behind him). Ramsey, who last minute tap-in against Palace aside has started the season poorly, was slow and passed dreadfully. Cazorla’s was meh and Ozil was just utterly peripheral. This needs to be his time and yet it doesn’t feel like it.

And as for up front, SKY’s Martin Tyler, perhaps unintentionally, said it all about Sanogo when he noted: “He’ll be so much better I’m sure once he gets his first goal.” Ouch. I’ve nothing against the guy but it is a little extraordinary that a player who didn’t in any way play his way into the side is getting so much air time.

And so all talk is of the need for another striker. Something clearly has to be done. I’d love another striker to come but I do wonder if we need to be thinking a little more about playing with two up front. I actually think there are options among our current, healthy, playing staff to do this and it may be a more practical solution at this stage.

It hasn’t been a great start to the league season.


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