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TRUTH be told I find it pretty hard to know what to think.

There appear to be an abundance of players in midfield and attack and yet if you were to ask me who our front six would be if we were in the Champions League final tomorrow with a full squad to choose from I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea.

And that feels like a problem. And not only for me as I struggle to analyse what is going on but really for the club too. It feels like there are an abundance of players with not-terrible careers at the club to their name but few (Sanchez and Ozil perhaps are the exceptions really) who can really claim to have been out and out absolute successes.

If I had a clear idea of where Arsene was trying to end up tactically in midfield and up front then I’d be a little clearer about whether or not he had much hope of achieving it. But for now, I’ve no idea truth be told.


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