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It is hard to see where Wenger is taking us

Arsenal 1 Manchester United 2
From Goodplaya at the Emirates

OLIVIER GIROUD’S late scorcher threatened to put undue gloss on a terrible defeat. But it didn’t.

I think we’re in a state. We’re shapeless, clueless and leaderless. Most frightening of all in a way is the fact that on paper, we’re really not bad. There are no donkeys out there in the way there have been in previous years. There are fine attackers. And even as I criticise the lack of leadership, I can’t honestly say our captain gives anything less than 100 per cent.

Inevitably, there were the missed chances. Wilshere missed a very presentable one at Stamford Bridge and it was no different here. For me, his only real task was to open up his body to give himself easy sight of the other side of the goal. For a player who ordinarily is so adept at the old hip shimmy it was poor. There were other very presentable chances too I thought. Not on the Wilshere level, but set-piece opportunities where an effort on target looked more likely than the one skied wide or over that we actually got.

At the heart of it all, clearly was our openness when 1-0 down. You could accept conceding that Rooney goal in the 92nd minute but it was hard to see us so exposed with so long of the game still to go.

We are, even by the most generous of interpretations, out of a championship race we were never really in from the start. Even if we eventually finish second, even if (unlikely I know) by the end of the season we close the gap to seven points, the reality is we’re gonners and it is still only November. Really, nothing else matters.

I struggle to see where this manager is taking us. That is not to say someone else should come in and rip it all apart. No, they should come in, resolve to have enough actual players in each position and then find that elusive little something that is so clearly eluding the current incumbent. The inevitable retort is that we might get a Moyes. I accept that – success wouldn’t be guaranteed. But it is pretty clear that as things are we’re not going to achieve a whole lot.

I’ll finish now but before I do I’ll say that what really hurt was that this was such an average looking United side.


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