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WITH apologies for the absence of updates of late. The biannual spring arrival of a young Goodplaya is largely to blame.

We are now at the stage where Leicester can only really lose the league. Two things – both potentially bleedingly obvious – occur to me.

The first is that the idea that money stops anyone other than the Champions League clubs getting anywhere near the title has taken a massive hit. I’m not saying that a story such as Leicester’s can happen every year, but the widely held belief that it was impossible has been debunked.

The second is that this season has represented an unprecedented collective failure by the five clubs (United, Arsenal, Chelsea, City and to a lesser extent Liverpool) who have dominated the league over recent years. None has mounted anything that truly resembles a title challenge.

And yes, that includes us. Even if we win every game, we won’t hit 80 points.

It is a season that asks more questions about the manager than any has previously. But I don’t have the time to get into this at length now.


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