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At last, Theo finds his hunger

From Goodplaya at the Emirates

THIS was fantastic value for a Category C game. Enthralling stuff, even if the excitement was partly the product of our failings.

It has taken 10 years but, finally, Theo Walcott has real hunger. Frankly, I’ve never been that interested in the debate over where he plays. To me it is blindingly obvious that he is a goal scoring right-winger who has failed to fulfil his potential because he never really, truly goes for it. We’re seeing something different now: he’s hunting the goals.

The two he got in this game were a case in point, both of them turned home from within the six yard box. Yes, both followed defensive errors, but if you’re not there and sniffing for an error, you can’t exploit them. Yes, he missed a few but they weren’t bad finishes. The last one was the worst but we had the perfect view along the line to see that the ball did sit up right at the very last.

On the red card, I simply can’t complain. A completely deliberate foul is, ultimately, cheating and if such cynical play is to be punished with a red card then I’m all for it.

I should add the football was nice. Really nice. Very easy on the eye and Ozil’s strike was one to savour.

Good stuff.


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