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FOR a moment it appeared the whole way we define our Arsenal selves appeared under threat. Alexis Sanchez had entered the field to mostly cheers but some boos also.

Suddenly it was no longer enough to simply be either pro or anti-Wenger. Were those who were booing, pro-Wenger anti-Sanchez or anti-Wenger anti Sanchez. And what of those who cheered the Chilean? Were they pro-Wenger pro Sanchez or anti Wenger pro Sanchez? Could you tick “none of the above”?

Thankfully, there was no lasting booing. Any lingering expression of sentiment is likely to be in more overt applause for the rest of our forwards.

I’m not sure how much there is to say about the game. We played some decent stuff and deserved to win. It won’t alter the course of history but then Bournemouth in early September rarely does. The league table looks a little less offensive, which should be no great surprise.


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