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A first season of near Limparian and Overmarsian standards


SATURDAY was one of those chalking-another-one-off-the-list occasions you sometimes get at this time of year. Ideally it would be in a race for the title but, hey ho, there is at least something to be played for.

We did pretty well against opposition who look destined for the Championship. It was hard to see what Reading’s game was – they neither pressed particularly, went for it particularly or parked or a bus particularly.

Looking at the big picture of the squad, I’m unsure one would be well advised to draw too many conclusions from a midfield of Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Gervinho and Cazorla. Dominate as they did, it is not a five that will us the title anytime soon.

One of those five is a little special though. What is not to like about Cazorla? Goals, two feet, creativity and a Barcelonalike intensity when trying to retrieve the ball. His cross-shot for the first was intelligent, his curled shot for the second beautiful.

The question, I suppose, is where his first season ranks compared to those of other attacking midfielders we’ve seen of late. In my view comfortably better than Pires, Nasri, Ljungberg, Hleb, Rosicky and anyone else other than Limpar and Overmars and even then it is probably only the fact we won the league in those seasons that puts them a nose ahead.

Sorry this report isn’t longer – I blame the combination of a birthday and a bank holiday for the slackness.

12 Responses to “A first season of near Limparian and Overmarsian standards”

  1. Wallace says:

    Limpar & Overmars were both wingers. players who can fade in and out of games with not much harm done. Cazorla has had to come into the side and be the main man from the word go. for that reason i’d put his first season over the other two. also, nice to see Ramsey continuing to impress. it feels like a corner has been turned with him.

  2. Sajit says:

    Love Cazorla. If you love football, you cannot but love santi.

  3. MDP says:

    Great result and 3 more points. It might have been a walkover in the end but it still required the right attitude. We all know how a game like this can soon become a Blackburn.

    Cazorla is simply Arsenal’s best player this season.

    Chelsea are very much in the fight for 3rd/4th. I’m pleased they went into the FA Cup semis. They look really vulnerable when their eye is off the ball.

    I agree with Wallace on Ramsey. I’ve said all along that he’s been harshly teated by a small minority of Arsenal fans. He lacks a bit of pace but makes up for it in energy and work rate.

    The only topic for debate this week is Gervinho. Can’t always shoot, can’t always pass, not the most popular amongst the Arsenal fans. Yet, he does have the ability to be a right nuisance to the opposition and pop up with a match winning pass or goal from time to time. I wonder if he has a bit more in the locker and maybe with a bit of encouragement from the fans could be a better player? On the wing I hasten to add, not up front ever.

  4. slc gunner says:

    Hard to draw conclusions on performance against a team that looks destined for the drop. But you can only beat what is put in front of you and we did that well.
    Agree that Cazorla is player of the season. Outstanding.
    Gervinho: one of his better games for sure, more direct than usual. Still combined the good with the bad. His finishing continues to let him down. It almost seems as if he is always winding up to blast the ball into oblivion and the end product is a miskick. Good to see that he and the Ox have picked things up and hopefully their improvement will help on the run-in. Looks like a 4-horse race for 3rd and 4th.

  5. PD says:

    MDP, really ? I thought you were better than to just rehash Arsene’s latest pathetic attempt on to blame the fans for our failures. I’m thoroughly disgusted by Arsene’s attempt to blame the fans for Gervinho’s poor performances : they haven’t been good enough cos he hasn’t been good enough. It is that simple. The level of support he’s got has not been an issue so let’s not pretend otherwise. Everyone is delighted he’s making some sort of impact the last couple of games, long may it continue…but it’s up to him to keep it up, not us.

    As for Ramsey….it’s not rocket science. His performances have improved since the manager gave up on the ridiculous idea of playing him on the wing. He’s a good squad player. Closer to the first team than he should be at this stage but that’s not his fault.

    The Chelsea thing is great for us. Benitez is a selfish sod. He wants to walk away with a trophy & be able to say he proved himself. Whether they’re in the CL next season or not ? He couldn’t give a toss.

    West Brom is simply huge. We win there & the next couple of weeks fixtures could see us in 3rd……

  6. MDP says:

    Firstly, I haven’t seen said article you talk about, secondly, I can think for myself, so I can assure you that my opinions (although open to influence or change if challenged) are all mine and thirdly, I’m not for one minute blaming the fans for where the club is at, I think decisions made by the manager, the players and the club as a whole have shaped Arsenal’s destiny in the main.

    However, I do strongly believe that the psychology between player and fan does play a small but significant part in football and sport in general. It’s not rocket science, if you sing a players name he will perform better than if you moan and groan at his every move. If you leave the game before the final whistle it effects the atmosphere in the ground. I appreciate some players thrive on a bit of pressure but on the whole a majority need to be loved and feel part of the club to perform at their best. It’s well documented how highly Thierry talks of the Arsenal fans treatment of him when he first arrived at the club and how we helped him through a difficult spell. This encouragement should not be exclusive to our best players in my opinion.

    I 100% agree that playing Gervinho and Ramsey out of position was wrong and could well have been the cause of their loss of form and subsequent fall out with some of the fans. I’m merely suggesting that Gervinho may perform better and more consistently for the remainder of this season at least if we as fans welcomed him back into the fold a bit more, sing his name if he does something good, stay quiet if (or when) he does something bad. That is all.

    Ramsey I have less worries about, he has shown he can put his head down and work hard when things aren’t going right. He’s a player I really like and expect to see at Arsenal for many years to come. Gervinho on the other hand has a future that looks less than assured at Arsenal but I just wonder if we as fans can help him along a bit for the foreseeable future.

    Finally to clarify, I don’t blame the fans for anything but to use a cliche we can be the 12th man to help some of the under performers along a bit. What’s wrong with that?

  7. PD says:

    Fair play mate, an over-reaction on my part. I’m just sick to death of Arsene & the cultism he’s created where people give up thinking for themselves & just believe everything he says. The Arsenal forums have been full of people talking about the lack of ‘support’ for Gervinho since Arsene went on about it. (In the same way that they all talked about ’11 internationals’ after the Blackburn game. Pathetic)
    And then they wonder why ‘AKB’ is a a term of abuse ??
    But anyway……I should have known that’s not how you are.

    To be honest last week was the final straw for me. All the positivity being put on Arsene’s ‘the last 9 games will decide my transfer plans’ comments is infuriating. It couldn’t be clearer to me : if we get 3rd or 4th then nothing will change cos he thinks there’s very little wrong. In addition there is a level of smugness about him after every victory these days that is totally unbecoming in a man who has underperformed for at least 3 years now. I hate listening to him, he’s become an embarrassment.
    Whatever happens between now & the end of season, I am done with him. The cost of going to my 3/4 games each season now that I don’t live in the UK (flights, hotels, etc in addition to the increasingly expensive tickets) is no longer something I’m willing to do until we have a change of manager.
    Not that the club or Arsene will give a shit but you won’t be seeing me at the Emirates again.

  8. PD says:

    Open & what do you see ? ‘Michael Cox examines the role of Gervinho and how his stint at centre forward has developed his game’
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so depressing. I doubt even the old Soviet Union saw propaganda as bad as what is these days. It’s a total embarrassment.

  9. Wallace says:

    the one ‘truism’ about Wenger i’ve begun to have doubts about is his hatred of losing. he’s been on the receiving end of numerous humiliating results, especially in the big games, over the past few years, and yet he has still gone into these seasons with squads manifestly incapable of challenging. if van Persie wraps up his first title at the Emirates later this month that’ll be another one in the eye for him(Wenger).

  10. Baz says:

    Comfortably better than Pires? Comfortably? Really?

  11. joseph says:

    Pires is awsome

  12. joseph says:

    Cazorla vs podolski

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