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And on we go…

SO Tuesday night was one of those occasions where eschewing the game in favour of a family birthday seemed a prudent short term sacrifice. Better to bank some credit for a missed League Cup tie than find oneself bereft of any when a more serious clash rears its head.

So I checked the phone around 67 minutes and saw we were 4-2 down. I checked again at around 88 minutes, just as the visitors were leaving and we were still 4-2 down. And then once they’d left I thought I’d just check who had got our first goal when suddenly I realised it was game on and time to fire up the TV.

The temptation to draw too many conclusions from a score more reminiscent of a long tennis set is to be avoided. That it involved us does not strike me as greatly surprising but other than that, I’m not sure what one can say.

United up next, during which time I’ve contrived to find myself in an aeroplane, so a report on that may not be immediate either.

8 Responses to “And on we go…”

  1. Wallace says:

    i got home for the start of the second half, so only got the good stuff. Eisfeld impressed me hugely. a real player. great technique and game intelligence. shame he looks like he weighs about six stone.

  2. PD says:

    Agree Wallace, he looked very good. As did Giroud. He simply has to start every game going forward. As does Theo to be honest. For all his flaws, he looks more likely to score than any other player in our squad.

    I simply refuse to praise any of the starters. That first half was simply disgraceful. Fingers crossed it gives everyone a lift but the bare facts are that is four poor performances in a row & Old Trafford is up next. Very worrying.

  3. skillz says:

    The first half was indeed terrible..I felt a bit let down by Gnabry’s unrelenting turnovers even when under zero pressure..but at 17 I’ll cut him some slack..he prob had a. Case of stage fright..Frimpong wasn’t very impressive, Coquelin was busy but not special in any way at all..Arshavin still confuses me..he looks like he may trip himself over in a heap evertime the ball is in his possesion..but then proceeds to deliver some really dangerous through balls that carved open reading more than once..the weight of his passes/crosses and their timing is second to none in our squad for now..and I’m pleased to see him contribute..chamakh didn’t touch the ball a lot in the 1st half and in the 2nd was equally AWOL..then. Suddenly one neat backheel and a swift follow up run on Arshavin..boom! Goal 5-4 chamakh (cue confidence surge of tsunami proportions) ..I don’t know why I feel confident Theo won’t be mates think I’m mad & may be I am but..the club would be wrong not to keep this guy..he’s no Messi but theo’s quality at this stage of his carreer is one we will do well to keep..(And of course augument) rather than loose

  4. MDP says:

    Skillz, I’m glad you brought up Arshavins contribution on Tuesday night. He simply is a confusing player who, on one hand gives away the ball, tries far too many flicks and tricks, often looks lazy and doesn’t track back enough, often putting his team in danger… but on the other hand he does have a tendency to pop up with something in front of goal at some point in the game however bad he is playing, that’s why his goal assists stats are always high. Tuesday, he perfectly showed the two sides to his game. Very very frustrating. I just question if he has a use to Arsenal or not? He scored a wonder goal against Coventry. He came on against QPR to good effect. Then he set up two against Reading. Maybe if he had come on against Norwich instead of Gnabry we might have nicked something? I’m not a fan and you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks but I just wonder if we can harness his goal threat at times of need?

    Then there was Chamakh. At half time I would have ripped up his contract, paid him off and kicked him out the club he was that far removed from giving a shit. I don’t know what was said at half time but the second half was the first time I’ve seen him looking interested since he first arrived at the club. I also thought the sight of Chamakh and Giroud in the box trying to get on the end of anything was the closest thing to a plan B I’ve seen in a long while.

    Not sure why I kicked off with these two players, I certainly wont be sad to see them go but maybe we can make use of them in small doses before they do.

    Koscielny seems to have reverted back to the player he was the season before last. Last year he was the second best Arsenal player behind VP in my eyes and I just hope he can re-discover his form.

    I agree with Wallace on Eisfield, along with Giroud he changed the game. Those bursts through the midfield and around the box reminded me of Freddie.

    Theo has also developed further than I thought possible at one time. He will always have quiet times but when he comes to life his running and finishing is a handful for anyone. I like the core of English players running through this squad, we must get him to sign.

    Even in the days of the invincibles (and before) the league cup games seemed to have a big affect, good and bad on the league form, so a victory was important for the general mood around the club. I would think the players were buzzing after Tuesday night and in some ways they probably learnt an awful lot more about themselves than had they strolled to an easy win. Now we need to see the same pride and passion we saw in the second half from Arsenal on Saturday.

  5. MDP says:

    Just read some interesting stats:

    Arsenal have conceded 6 goals in 9 Premier league games
    3 at home and 3 away.

    Man Utd have conceded 13 goals in 9 Premier league games
    7 at home and 6 away.

    A lot of people have written Arsenal off already this weekend.
    We all know Arsenal’s weaknesses, maybe Man U have a few of their own?

  6. PD says:

    MDP, every season we go through this at some point. Someone (often more than one) comes on here talking about MU’s weaknesses & comparing them unfavourably with us. And every season – without fail -they’re better than us. More often than not, much better. In the last 6 season we’ve finished a total of 84 points behind them, only once getting within 10 points. They’re already 6 ahead of us this season. Those stats trump all others I’m afraid……..

    I will agree with you on Arshavin. I simply cannot figure him out. Lazy, clumsy, slow & incisive, clever & elegant all within the same 5 minutes sometime. I think we’ve got to get him on the bench at least for the time being. I don’t think against proper opposition he can start but 20 minutes here & there until his contract runs out might hopefully pay some dividends…

    Still think Koscielny is a 10m bargain by the way ?? :-)
    Sorry, couldn’t resist….

  7. MDP says:

    I know, I know… I just found these stats surprising and interesting. Of course the ultimate stats are league position above all else. Of course Utd have been better than Arsenal over the last few seasons. I don’t believe I was ever saying that. I just see a weakness in Man U so far this season and I would love to see Arsenal exploit it.

    I made a rod for my own back with the Koscielny one :-) At the end of last season 10 mil was a bargain. I’m just a bit gutted about his form this year but I’m not ready to write him off just yet. At some point this season he will get a run of games and then we’ll see how good he is. Worrying though.

  8. PD says:

    I think the saddest thing about today’s game was the fact that there wasn’t the slightest bit of tension after the first 3 minutes. One Utd goal & the result was a certainty. It was just a matter of how many they were going to win by. (anyone who thinks one goal between the two sides at the end was a true reflection of the game is frankly bonkers. We got away with murder.) It truly showed how far away we are from challenging. Please, please, please let this be the end of the ‘we’re only x points off the leaders’ conversations. The height of our ambitions is 4th.
    Interestingly we actually have 1 point less than we did after 10 games last season – a situation the manager described as a huge crisis……(oh, he also said it was a freak & wouldn’t happen again. Wrong again Arsene !!!!)

    So anyway let’s focus on the positive : we were always going to lose today but who would have bet on the Totts losing at home to Wigan ? In terms of our league season, realistically today was a decent day…..

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