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Arsenal 1 QPR 0: Blimey


We won and while the sending-off perhaps helped, Santi Cazorla had already missed his sitter a couple of minutes earlier, suggesting that perhaps the tide was turning before they were reduced to ten men.

The return of Jack Wilshere was very welcome. He was the pick of our midfielders, even on his first game back.

It is really is pretty hard to take too many positives from what was a sobering day in some senses. It is hard to say we’re going anywhere this season that we haven’t gone during the previous six in our new stadium.

Gets grief for what he does do while others escape censure for what they don’t do. He at least appeared as though he might force the play on occasion, which is arguably more than could be said for the rest of the front three.

Of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla is technically excellent but (and I’m aware I’ve said this before), the absence of anyone taller than 5ft 9ins that we can call on if need be is a major minus in my book. And no, the unfortunate Abou Diaby does not count in that regard.

Now looks well ahead of Santos when previously they had looked about as good as each other.

Your heart sinks frankly. It is not a comment so much on the quality of the players as the simple lack of them. That said, it is worth noting that for the first time in 21 years (ie since Ian Wright signed) we no longer possess a striker that genuinely excites.

Is that until Gervinho was injured, Arshavin had about as much hope of getting on the pitch as I did. He had not warmed-up once and was not wearing his shirt, socks or shin pads when it became clear the Ivorian could not continue. Responsibility for this is something I hold squarely at the door of the manager, not the player. I find the above facts wrong on a couple of levels. Firstly, it is a sorry state of affairs when you don’t even think an attacker worth throwing on when 0-0 with ten minutes left against the league’s bottom side. Secondly, because whatever Andrei Arshavin’s limitations and irritations, he is still Andrei Arshavin and with him, you always have a chance. And so it proved: his delicious cross led to the goal.

That was offside and one to remember for those fans who think we never get anything.

QPR could and perhaps should have equalised. Worrying.

If the club really believes Champions League qualification is a bigger trophy than the FA Cup, then they should have the balls to stick it on the trophy gallery that runs round the interior of the ground. The reality is that doing so would create uproar and ridicule. My second point is that contrary to what the manager says, this disgruntled fan’s frustrations are not borne out of fear. They are borne out of a realisation that we’re going nowhere and nobody inside the club in a senior position appears to be doing anything about it.

17 Responses to “Arsenal 1 QPR 0: Blimey”

  1. West Upper says:

    I can think of one more positive – Sagna returned as well and was excellent. He offers far more offensively than Jenkinson who has done OK in his absence.

    Although we dominated possession and had more chances we looked toothless and QPR could well have won. We are due another harsh reality check next week at Man U.

    I disagree that the squad is going nowhere I think we are heading backwards.

  2. dukeofarsenal says:

    Spot On…

    Me thinks we should get Huntalaar. He is more reliable than the others in the squad right now. Forget Benzema (not our price level or Falcao). Give Gnarby, Miguel, Frimpong even Shea more time with the squad. Then we will be in the contention. and please tell AF to keep his oppinions to himself.


  3. 433 says:

    I’m disappointed with Ramsey. Part of it is that he struggles to adapt playing wide, but overall I expect more from him. His passes into touch are frustrating me. I like him, I want to like him, but I want him to start doing much, much better. He’s only had one good game this season that I recall.

  4. Mygunnersblazing says:

    I agree with West Upper – we are heading backwards! Sigh!! When we struggle against bottom of the table teams – we are in serious trouble.

    If any of you watched the Everton v. Liverpool and Chelsea vs United game, you will realize that we don’t stand a chance in hell against that kind of opposition. The pace, the work rate, the desire, the sheer class of the players – sadly we don’t have it anymore. What happened to our flowing football? Other teams used to fear us – now, we are seen as an opportunity for lesser teams to pick up 3 points!!

    Lets face it – Giroud is a flop. AW’s partiality for his fellow frenchmen works against us. We would have done better to have kept Bendtner. But AW’s ego is getting in the way of using what we have to the fullest. Andrei Arshavin should figure more prominently – definitely ahead of Ramsey, who can’t yet string 2 passes together to save his life. But, Ramsey is one of AW’s favorite toy boys, so he invariably gets ahead in the pecking order. Since Giroud couldn’t score from the penalty spot even if there were no goalkeeper – why not give Walcot the chance he craves in strike position? How much worse than Giroud could he do?? Again, AW’s ego is in the way. We need a top class goalkeeper – but NOOOOO … AW will always back his toy boys at the expense of results.

    I dread the clash against Manure next week ….. we are going to get clobbered! Sigh!!!!

  5. slc gunner says:

    Not many positivves besides 3 pts and the return of Jack and Sagna, the former in particular. While Sagna’s return is welcome, Jenkinson had been doing well, and where we were lacking was that little bit of creativity in the middle.
    Unfortunately, Cazorla has gone off the boil since the international break and our front 3 continue to frustrate. It should be an interesting guessing game for next week’s game vs Utd, but I think I wouldn’t mind seeing Ox, Theo and Giroud (with Gervinho injured, the other options are Chamakh and maybe Podolski). The various permutations of Gervinho, Ramsey, Podolski and Giroud have not scored in 270 minutes. Time for a change.
    Good to see United win today, but it’s only good if we then beat United at the weekend. Stranger things have happened. What might suit us is that the game will be open, Utd will be at home and will come out to play. Ferdinand has lost his pace and Evans is no great shakes.

  6. niko says:

    Arsenal can play better than any other team in the league, but that becomes obvious after they have scored a goal. The longer that takes to happen the longer the team is held back. Next Saturday’s game will be very tough considering that Fergie got all referrees in his back pocket. I think that was pretty obvious last night.

  7. Wallace says:

    the size of our three midfielders will only be a problem if Mertesacker & Giroud aren’t playing. if they can all stay fit for a while i think we’ll be looking at the best midfield in the league. and if we can get Gibbs and the Ox back for next week i fancy us to give Utd a real run for their money.

  8. Barrybenbarry says:

    Good post goodplaya. While your blog is a bit erratic and sometimes self-indulgent (and why not, we’re not paying you) you always have something original to say. And I like your journey from wide-eyed Wenger cheerleader a few years ago to the disillusioned sceptic you have become. Daniel Taylor’s piece in theGuardian today is spot on. Complacent fat cat bosses taking the piss out of the -Arsenal fans, to be honest. I don’t include Wenger in that, he’s the mad genius whose time has passed.
    Interesting to see though we have the best defensive record in the league this year, and that’s our one hope – no one has a good defence this year. If we are very lucky we may sneak a 2-1 or a 3-2 next weekend if Cazorla gets back on form or Theo has one of his days.

  9. Pretty much summing up the state of Denmark there Goodplaya. We are moribund and in the doldrums, it’s hard to be enthused by things and its been that way for a while. The term ‘treading water’ springs to mind

  10. VIJAY says:

    we are a good team , but not the best. To be the best we need reinforcements and backups. At the moment we are lacking . So wenger should somehow keep the team motivated atleast till january to hang in and then bring in some to go for the title.

  11. PD says:

    Not long after Ramsey arrived at the club, Wenger played him on the right & he had a nightmare. Afterwards, he said that it was his fault – that Ramsey hadn’t the pace or trickery to play on the wing & that to be fair to him, he would only play him in the centre again. Yet here we are, 4 years later….don’t take it out on Ramsey, take it out on the manager who is destroying his confidence.

    Similarly, Giroud. Clearly, a good player but taking his time to adapt to English football. Unfortunately, as our manager ridiculously refused to buy another striker that we clearly needed, the pressure is mounting on Giroud to produce brilliance immediately. Again, don’t take it out on him, take it out on the manager.

    slcgunner, we have to be realistic. It’s completely pointless talking about Utd winning being a good result for us. We need to focus on the Totts. There isn’t a hope of us finishing above any of the top three.
    Besides all the other obvious evidence, do you really see any of those 3 going 1-0 up at home with 5 minutes to go against the bottom team in the league (with 10 men) & managing to gift them a sitter of a chance to equalise ?? Never mind two chances ! We simply do not have what it takes.

  12. Wallace says:

    maybe Wenger’s trying to convert Ramsey into a Ray Parlour-type player. there are some similarities, but Ramsey lacks Parlour’s power, and Parlour was the wide man in a 4-4-2.

  13. Jello says:

    I’d have to agree, we’re hardly a team that inspires confidence and make a claim on the title at the moment. Feeling very ambivalent about this weekend’s clash with manure..

  14. PD says:

    Fair point wallace. in a 4-4-2, I could possibly see it working. In our current system though, it is complete madness & completely unfair on Ramsey.

  15. Moza says:

    Watching ramsey these days is just painful.takes so much time and then picks the wrong can not be tolerated in our game.that little thing is ruining our game and slowing our pace.there is nothing wrong with our mentality.yes i blame everything on sluggish Ramsey.if he doesn’t play we’ll easly win Manure because i believe our midfield is relatively superior as compared to all of them.Cleverly,Carrick,Young, be the judge.Ramsey out. Ox is the ideal man but even Arshavin will do least he’s got something different to offer.also for that game i’d play Giroud and Chamakh up front since United is horrible in the air.or maybe i’ve lost my mind?!

  16. MO says:

    I havent seen the whole game but after Norwich and Shalke I don’t want to either. I disagree with the dooms days guys on here saying that the team are rubbish I think if you look at the facts most of our team could play for more or less any side in the world bar the top top teams i.e. Barca or Real but even there they could get on the bench and thats a fact and thats why we lose most of the good players to such teams.

    The person who said that look at everton vs liverpool and Chelsea vs Man U we would get blown away by such teams well the truth is we wouldn’t because we played Liverpool at Anfield and won very well to add and played Chelsea and up until the Norwich game that was our worst performance but we hardly got blown away.

    The fact is and I am in no way saying that we have a good side and we can win the league but the fact is that its time Wenger eats some humble pie and starts adapting to players in our team and the teams we come up against its just too easy to play Arsenal and has been for 7 years wenger relies almost blindly on us being able to move the ball quickly and displacing the oppositions defence and it simply doesn’t work and there is no point copying Barca and trying to play like them in England simple. One we don’t have a team good enough to clean the Barca teams boots and also what Barca do just wouldn’t work in england where you have teams hacking chucks out of you and ten men behind the ball and players like Andy carrol and Grant holt that pick out anything in the air they just don’t play that way in spain, yes teams put 10 men behind the ball against Barca but they don’t play long balls like they do here and thats why its time to change and adapt and Wenger keeps saying lessons have been learnt what lessons, we do the same thing week in week out when it works and we beat Southampton 6-1 hes all smiles and when it doesn’t like norwich this season, like wigan, QPR, Norwich, Wolves, etc last season he just says we were jaded,played with the hand brake on, and we are learning lessons if you ask me Bullsh*t for 7 fu*king years we have heard that and its not that Arshavin is rusbbish its that hes lazy i’ll give wenger that but he playing out of position for once can we buy a winger who is an actual winger and not some make shift fu*king winger since Pires and Lundberg i don’t think we have had proper wingers we played who Helb there Nasri there Arshavin there Walcot who don’t want to play there Ox who says he thinks his future lies through the middle and Podolski who again isn’t a properleft winger more of a forward why can’t Wenger look at when we were winning things we had a solid Goalkeeper, solid back four, solid defensive midfield in the shape of Viera gilberton/petit and then we had two proper wingers and then Bergkamp, and henry and now we have midfielders playing up front, centre mids playing on the wing, we have rubbish goalkeppers even Szea who was meant to solve that problem doesn’t look good enough yet and then we have players like Santos who the less said the better he probably wouldn’t be too bad on the left wing but as a left back what a load of rubbish and how can we have any chance with players like that and with this set up its becoming worse and the blame does fall at the manager but the board memebers need to share the blame and I just don’t know what we are doing any more.

    We can say what we like about Giroud but I actualy think he is a really good player but we just don’t play to his strenghts and same with Chamack I don’t think Chamack is as good as Giroud but hes not useless like most of us think he never gets a chance and even when he does play we never stick anything in the air why can’t we change or style of play and I mean we played Shalke we had Ramsey on the right Gervinho and Poldolski foalting between left wing and striker and we had Chamack, Giroud, and Arshavin on the bench we had about two shoots at goal none on target not even close and we had to wait between 75-80 mins for a striker to come on and wait a further 10-15 mins for our first shot on target I mean what a waste of time there is no point even trying playing like that no body had a clue what they were doing you have an attack minded player,playing as a holding mid (who I have to say has done a great job) we have Ramsey playing on the right,Gervinho/Podolski playing left/striker and Santos who should play in the conference playing left on the side they were the strongest I mean why did it not occur to anyone that Verms can play left back and kos and mertesaker can play in the centre we might not have scored any still but at least we wouldn’t have been so open at the back.

    So I believe the problem is that we do have a good sqaud but we defo need to add players and stop playing players out of position we need two strong wingers we need a leftback to cover for gibbs we need a good strong holding mid and we need at least one striker to support giroud and if we do that and adapt our style of playing and not play the usaual rubbish then we can compete and also throw in a good experinced keeper and i think all of that at the most we can get for between 50-80M we don’t even have to spend vast sums of cash and sell all the extras i.e arshavin,djouro, squalli, denilson, bentdner, etc and with the 50M we have to spend and money raised from sales we can have enough to go out and but what we need.

    Anyone disgaree?

  17. Well written. My thanks for writing that. I will return to your site to read more and tell my friends about you.

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