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I’M out the country for a week and missed Norwich and don’t know how much I’ll see of Everton or West Brom.

10 Responses to “Away”

  1. Spurs fan says:

    Well, I ws there and Arsenal won 3-1.

  2. Spurs fan says:

    And it’s Fulham, not West Brom. Are you an Arsenal supporter or not?

  3. Ajee Coffee says:

    Hahaha, what the hell is spuds doin in here?

  4. Elvis says:

    Are you going to be washing your hair during the Man United match? Ha ha.

    Good comeback by Arsenal.

    Not one the officials covered themselves in glory over but this media criticism over the referee’s assistant making the call on the penalty is totally baffling. What if the referee was looking at something else when the offence on Giroud occurred? There were 21 players to look at in that box after all. Maybe he was watching to see if there was an offence on the keeper or something. Or maybe the clear shirt pull was on his blind side.

    It didn’t look like a corner leading up to the goal but, again, every camera angle broadcast was inconclusive. Only the linesman could have seen from his angle if the ball brushed the Norwich defender before leaving the field of play. My guess was that he called it wrongly given the momentum of the ball up to the point where it became invisible from my camera angle. But he had a better view than I did. My immediate thought was “Surprised, but well done Aaron Ramsey for forcing the corner by chasing a lost cause”.

    The third goal was definitely offside (and in my opinion a foul on the defender). No question we were lucky on that one.

    The Walcott penalty claim was a penalty all day long for me. It was a barge in the back (Theo had run past him), not a shoulder to shoulder challenge. That’s a penalty.

    Norwich’s free kick for the goal was a faint brush against Gibbs’ leg (if that), then Snodgrass tripping over own ankle. never a free kick.

  5. Elvis says:

    Well taken penalty by Arteta and an assured performance from the keeper.

  6. skillz says:

    dont know about that penalty though Elvis…i think it was almost saved by the keeper…Arteta tends to put them in the same corner in my opinion i.e to the keepers left..that was where he placed it against fulham and shwartzer saved it…im not to convinced with him as the default penalty designate…

  7. Elvis says:

    Yes, the keeper just got a hand to it but it was struck with such power, it nearly took his fingers off. He doesn’t miss many and always seems to get them on target.

    When you think we got £25 million for Adebayor after his hilarious Olympic high jump run up and Row Z spot kick in Basel… Comic genius!

  8. PD says:

    Disappointing but not a disaster last night. Yet. Less than 4 points though from the two games this week would be a disaster. Simply have to beat Fulham. Let’s hope they put in a heroic effort tonight, get a result & then have nothing left for Saturday !

  9. slc gunner says:

    Not bad is right. I thought we were very strong defensively. Ramsey continues to grow game-to-game, his energy last night was amazing. Ox should have taken the shot himself.
    Jack is still rusty. Ferguson says of Rooney that he needs games to get back to his best, the same seems to be true for Wilshere. But it’s worth being patient. We must win this weekend…and I’m hoping to see Spuds and Chelski drop points at Man City and Liverpool.
    Fulham were crap tonight btw.

  10. skillz says:

    indeed on the basis of Fulham’s last night’s performance we dont have much to worry about..they pretty much look like they have one eye on the beaches in dubai already. our finishing in my opinion didnt look convincing on tuesday despite the openings we had…i dont want to appear to bash Arteta but he really doesnt impress me anymore..i see the “dirty” work he and Ramsey are doing for the team defensively and thats good but when he made an intelligent run late in the game and basically found himself clean through on goal..why didnt he pull the trigger..the cutback he then went on to make was frustrating..and had me wondering why his old goal scoring instincts deserted him at such a his first season he looked great “goals-wise”,was it perhaps because Song was present? if so priority then for us in the summer is a DM and Coquelin should be cut loose,i like the lad but his career with us is going niowhere fast and he needs games.. since its now clear Wenger doesnt rate him

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