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Beskitas 0 Arsenal 0: The score that sounds better than it is


0-0 away in the first leg is the one that sounds better than it is. You may argue that if you can draw away you should be able to win at home. And you may recall the expert way Torino were dispatched in such circumstances in the Cup Winners Cup quarter final of 1993. But make no mistake: the second leg could be quite a contest. Remember this is the first Champions League qualifying first leg we haven’t won.

Yes, it had quiet moments but really from start to end there were opportunities. Some of our performances were better than others. Chambers was excellent and Debuchy good too. Wilshere and Ramsey had their moments but they were fleeting. And the latter’s red card was foolish.

Has been in that situation countless times before. He’s a player whose (relative) lack of pace and propensity to lose the ball when he’s not playing that well often see him pick up a yellow for a tug at an opposition player. Ordinarily, he’s very good at not doing it again. Last night it happened before he had a moment to think about it.

Was excellent. I’m not quite sure who he reminds me of: maybe a rich man’s Matthew Upson. If Arteta is out for any period of time it will be interesting to see if he gets a go in midfield.

Is something of a concern. I said on Twitter that I felt Giroud hadn’t so much played himself into the team as Sanogo had played himself out of it. It was pointed out to me that Giroud had scored against City and assisted for the winner against Palace. But I think last night’s performance demonstrated that as yet, he isn’t properly at the races. And in a 4-5-1 that isn’t really something you can afford.

6 Responses to “Beskitas 0 Arsenal 0: The score that sounds better than it is”

  1. slc gunner says:

    Much trickier return leg than last year. The team we beat last year finished top of the Turkish league and Besiktas finished 3rd. Fenerbahce was disqualified. On paper, we should beat them, given how easily we beat Fenerbahce. But of course it’s never that simple.
    I like Chambers, but his one mistake in the first half could have cost us the game. In that position, mistakes are costly. But agree that he’s doing very well.
    Giroud was poor, but I don’t think we should crucify him just yet. I was a little disappointed with Sanchez, but again it’s early days and he is finding his feet. Wilshere played quite well I thought.
    Overall, even without Ramsey, we should have a strong 11 for the return game. We should win. Hopefully the fans can create the appropriate atmosphere.

  2. Wallace says:

    Upson always gave me the heebies. there’s something very calm and reassuring about Chambers. i’d go English O’Leary.

  3. Elvis says:

    Yes Wallace, Chambers is a bit like David O’Leary. Faster though.

    He reminds me of Gary Cahill actually but has the important distinction of having never hugged John Terry or Ashley Cole. That’s a big difference.

    The Ramsey red card was a little harsh as the player went down really easily after the faintest of tugs but after his first yellow (correct call for me) Ramsey was skating on thin ice and should have been more careful.

    Good job Szczesny was on his toes.

    I was disappointed with the display last night. I am surprised Arsene described the game as ‘fast’ because we looked slow to me. Our passing was predictable and usually to players with little space to exploit.

    So Man City at Wembley was a bit of a false dawn then. We are not at all up to speed yet. Let’s hope last night’s run out will give us a bit of a physical edge against Everton. We need one.

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