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Nasri has the potential to be another Hleb

SOMETIMES a single fact can speak a thousand words.

If, in the euphoria after the Barcelona first-leg, an oracle had told me that in the 15 games Samir Nasri would play some part in between then and late May he would score just the one goal, I wouldn’t have bothered asking for any more information.

I’d have realised he didn’t do a Freddie or a Pires and that Arsenal didn’t find glory. That stat would have been all I really needed.

Now, like Alex Hleb three years ago, Nasri appears to be flirting with leaving before ever doing himself justice. Before actually making it.

Whereas we have failed over the last couple of seasons in spite of having Cesc Fabregas, we have failed because of players such as Nasri, who ultimately failed to deliver when it mattered. Blunt, but ultimately true.

Through his performances Fabregas has earned the right to go. Nasri has not.

If parity with the top earners at the club is the issue, he is having a laugh. While Samir failed to produce, RVP was banging them in. Cesc too merits more money.

Attacking midfielder Hleb considered himself worthy of playing for Barcelona on the back of no goals in his last 27 Arsenal games. Now Nasri appears tempted by Old Trafford after his less than impressive second half to the season.

Hleb was relegated with Birmingham last month.

Worth thinking about if I were Nasri.

96 Responses to “Nasri has the potential to be another Hleb”

  1. Tony says:

    My main concern lads is not Nasri as such, It is why our main players do not want to stay.

    helb flamini cesc nasri even henry in the end wanted out to win the champs league. It feels like at times that wenger has lost the dressing room not in the sense that john terry and lampard get managers fired our players have more respect than that so they look for a way out.
    The contract situations should never have happened its bad form letting players especialy our best ones run down.

    Im not sure where we go from here with them all.I do know this we cant keep distrupting what we are trying to build.

  2. PD says:

    While I kinda get the point; (i.e. there is no doubt that Nasri is not yet at the level of Cesc/RvP & he is getting ahead of himself)……comparing him to Hleb is bordering on madness. Nasri is quality with the potential to be world-class. Hleb is, was & always will be a poor player. Just rubbish. He was never good enough for Arsenal,never mind Barca. Not even close to being good enough imo.
    Getting 11m from Barca from Hleb was fantastic business for Arsenal. If we end up selling Nasri for something similar it will not be good at all.
    Like it or not, we’re going to end up paying him more than he’s worth. We don’t have a choice to be honest.

  3. Booland says:

    And Wenger/the board haven’t learned anything from it. They should have been far more strict with Clichy and Nasri. In my opinion, they should have been suspended when they were stalling on signing the contract last year. That could have at least provoked them to sign the contract.

    No point giving them a deadline now when they have the advantage. Deadline should have had been January 2011 Transfer Window – sign or get sold.

    It would be a real shame if both left.

  4. Dick Dastardly says:

    IPmonkeyBoy, I saw your fans at wembley and what a bizarre set of social retards you lot are, I’m sure you and your intellectual fans will be enjoying the delights of Barnsley, Huddersfield and Middlesbro for the next few seasons.
    You’ve just signed convicted sex case Marlon King. Nuff said

  5. Anti says:

    The difference is Nasri is going to the champions in a league he is familiar with. There is not even the slightest chance that Nasri would flop at United.

  6. coyotl666 says:

    first, i’d keep nasri, also clichy, but its just me innit. but, both are still contracted. if nasri wants to move for money, he’d need to perform for the arsenal next year to get what he wants. clichy, too, but his erraticism makes it less obvious he will, so getting something for him might make more sense. with nasri, the question is whether getting less than he’s worth is better than having him another year and playing to show the “big boys” he wants to play for he’s worth the wages. and maybe he does and wins a trophy or two with us. would that convince him to stay at increased wages he’s finally earned? worth chancing an arm methinks. hold him to his contract and have him prove hisself. cheers, mark

  7. ObservantCule says:

    I am here because I enjoy reading Arseblog’s well written content and this page was linked. Anyhow, I think the difference between Hleb’s and Nasri’s situation is that Hleb ,(probably unbeknownst to him) was bought as a squad player. I think Nasri would do well at United. He is an intelligent player, would command a regular starting place , and he isn’t moving to a new league. As a few other guys have already mentioned though , Arsene would never sell Nasri to United. But it all comes down to whether or not he is prepared to possibly let him go for nothing next year.

  8. Elvis says:

    @Not happening (post 45).
    Yeah, and what was the score the last time we played Stoke, Birmingham, Wigan, Newcastle and Bolton?
    That’s the real issue!
    That’s why Nasri (and Clichy) want to go.
    If any sane person was given the choice between being coached by a manager who buys bargains from the French league, implodes avery March/April, and then wins nothing – or being coached by a manager who buys proven quality and has a track record of winning trophies over 20 years he’d say it was a no brainer.
    Wenger’s repeated failures have turned Arsenal into a club no one with any ambition wants to play for.
    That’s why Arsene should gmove on.

  9. pat says:

    Re Nasri & Clichy, both are players that can be said are part of the reason for some of the failures over the last couple of seasons. So they want to leave to win trophies? Why havent they busted a gut to make it happen at Arsenal?
    Unfortunately the large amounts of money involved mean that that these young guys are swayed by a bigger pay day. Re Man U – I would say one of the largest contributions to their success is the amount of quality players that stick with the club for their entire career (yeah and buckets of cash). Imagine if Viera/Henry stuck around until today – I think things might have been a little different…. yes financials with the Emirates has been a bit of a problem. However hopefully the new generation of quality young guys e.g. Wilshire will stay for a long time to come

  10. Elvis says:

    @pat (post 59)
    Why havent they busted a gut to make it happen at Arsenal?
    Ask the manager.
    Did he question their desire?
    Did he motivate them sufficiently?
    Did he throw teacups across the dressing room every time the defence made an elementary mistake?
    Did he drop star players who underperformed?
    Did he have a face like thunder after Newcastle away and West Brom at home?
    This team of pussies need a Sargeant Major who yells at them and drills them and has them putting their lives on the line for their comrades.
    Not a multilingual, cultured Economics academic.

  11. animal says:

    i agree with elvis, posts 58 and 60, I suspect it’s largely wenger’s fault. i also think that nasri wants to play in the middle and might want to stay if cesc goes.
    and i know we are all arsenal fans but lets face it, if you were nasri who would you rather play for, as elvis puts it
    “If any sane person was given the choice between being coached by a manager who buys bargains from the French league, implodes every March/April, and then wins nothing – or being coached by a manager who buys proven quality and has a track record of winning trophies over 20 years he’d say it was a no brainer.”
    sad but true. and he has every right to join man u, he’s not a slave. spurs would be a different matter but he’s promised not to go there

  12. Liam says:

    Good one goodplaya. Pity the comments. Nasri goes or stays arsenal remains.

    NB: You Nigerians (Jon-da-don and AGA) can you go back to your nairaland and stop messing up where sane people talk

  13. Paddy says:

    To the thick Manure fan on here and anyone else thinking Nasri will join them, when did Wenger EVER sell a player to Fergie?

  14. Good to be a Goonah!! says:

    I think Cesc has the potential to be another Hleb.

  15. kamran says:

    happy birthday super SAMIR… stay and become a legend, leave and you will be a rich vagabond!!!!

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