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Thanks Robin

I BELONG to the generation of Arsenal fans who are now in their early 30s, whose childhood support for the club began in the late 1980s and who from then until around 2005 witnessed near continual joy. For us, the previous eight years have been a harsher experience – no worse than anything that our parents or grandparents, had they been Gooners, would have experienced for prolonged periods, but sobering nonetheless.

A few once sacred mental cows have been slaughtered in recent years: we are no longer in a continual battle for supremacy with Man United, we no longer beat them as often as they beat us, we can lose 8-2, we can see former players step up from playing for Arsenal. We have seen them leave us and within a year be Champions.

In short, we have had to become accustomed to a more modest footballistic lifestyle.

And yet, to my mind, there are two sacred cows that remain. Two things that we can hold dear to, irrespective of the change going on elsewhere. Two things that are intrinsically us.

The first is Invincibility: when the last unbeaten record goes each season in the Premier League, I feel enormous relief. An inner peace.

And the second is the issue of where titles are won. United may have amassed many, many more than us but when it comes to that moment when challengers become champions, nobody can match us for style: Anfield, Old Trafford, White Hart Lane – moments of unadulterated joy rendered oh so much sweeter by the setting. Winning at the home of the enemy is what we do to others – not what we have done to us and that is why I was so delighted to see United beat Villa tonight.

As United had stumbled over recent weeks it was as if they were saving themselves for the Emirates. I was dreading it.

Frankly, I couldn’t give a stuff about a guard of honour – for me it will be a painless experience – one over in seconds. Yes, we will be welcoming United to our ground as Champions, but frankly we’ve done that countless times over the years!

What they’ve never done is win it in our place. They’ve never been able to sing about how they won the league at Arsenal. They’ve never been able to explode into title winning joy on our turf. And that remains the case.

And it is for that at least that I am grateful to Robin Van Persie.

29 Responses to “Thanks Robin”

  1. Jay says:

    Nice write up..You sure do know how to put a smile on our faces(us Arsenal Fans) even when we are down…

    Kudos….You are very right …

  2. LH says:

    I agree. Would’ve been awful to see them win at the emirates and celebrate at the final whistle. Got no problem with a Guard of Honour – they did it for us on Graham’s 2nd title win.

    I also think we’ll beat them on Sunday.
    The problem will be the ignorant Manc fans singing their RVP songs – when in truth they needed an Arsenal man to be better than ManCity – but what will they do next season when they, us and Chelsea will be infinitely better.

    So here’s a prediction to stir it up – ManU will finish outside the top4 next season unless they buy 2 World Class midfielders.

  3. Danish Gooner says:

    Remember all the manc fans going on about Van Persie not being the right one and saying Fergie had lost his mind……..Time to eat some humble pie.

  4. Raino says:

    What a consouling write up!!!
    Gunners forever….

  5. mr says:

    f*ck off
    you nothing…. and you don’t deserve to be arsenal fun
    you talk like hope less person , and you put your self their foot
    i am not happy
    i want to win , i don’t want to see every time to fightth position
    the prop;em is not winger, is not the players but the owners
    f*ck off karaoke…. i hate you more then i hate man U
    if you don’t want to bould our team pleas leave as
    there’s more billioners who sport our team…
    pleas make as a feaver pleas leave as

    he locked our legs ….and e do deeply every
    coz he need’s f*cking money and he sells our best players


  6. Robin says:

    No thank you arsene and arsenal fc for delivering title 20 we couldn’t have done it without you

  7. MK says:

    RVP has been vindicated as every other player who left Arsernal in search of money and trophies.He has found both just like Nasri.Its a bitter pill to swallow but RVP said it rightly when he said I don,t agree with the direction the team is facing.While Arsernal is still locked in a battle for CL RVP and his new team are preparing to be honoured.This should be an eye opener to AW and the Arsenal board for them to embrace the reality of modern football and take the team to the right direction

  8. Mike says:

    But given Man Ure are only 16 points clear at the moment I still regard them as being in second place since they get a mimimum 20 point helping hand from refs and the FA each season.

  9. Yeah, thanks Robin … for buggering off a season too early! With the 25 goals he chucked in for our heated rivals we could actually have won this league title with points to spare.

    That is the really sad thing, Wenger not only gave them the title when he sold them our top scorer and best player, he also condemned us to a hard battle for a place just outside the top2.

    I forgive Wenger this one time, as repayment for the many delights he has served me in my 24 years as a supporter. But I will say this.

    Next season, every game is MUST WIN I don’t want to hear any excuses about signings, injuries, or anything else. EVERY SINGLE GAME must be viewed as a game we should try our hardest to win, as his capitulation of the last 3 league titles and this wait for FFP has absolved our club of the praise formerless lavished upon us, for being stylish in our play and relentless in our attack. But since 2005 we haven’t really looked like we merit that talk.

    So this season after we beat a half-mast united, and take a hollow pride from the 3pts that may just nick 3rd place I want to see a big change.

    Sign up a star striker, and a quality midfielder to replace Wilshire when he is injured or benched. Defence is looking good now, midfield a piece short AS ALWAYS and we need a 20 goal striker to really put the frighteners on the top teams.

    NEXT SEASON could be the one where Arsenal arrives to spoil the Manchester party. Chelsea, Spurs, City all these teams are up for it – they showed that over the last 24months, whilst Arsenal have sleepwalked their way to a fortunate 3rd position in the the league.

    From the first pre season game, up until that 38th League fixture NEXT SEASON Arsenal have to be on game.

    I don’t just expect this, I DEMAND IT!

    ARSENAL FOR EVER, now stop moaning clap the champions as befits classy supporters of the best club on Earth, lick your wounds and get ready to roar yourself hoarse next Sunday.

    ARSENAL TO WIN 2-0 :D Let’s get this on!

  10. james says:

    Your faith in Wenger is misplaced, do you really think he would spend 40 million net and then burden himself with the expectation that comes with it. He might be inept but he’s not stupid.

  11. Mad Cliff says:

    Wenger better get his act right. The ref face will very much like to dent Wenger’s cl hopes thereby removing a credible challenge to his cl ambition.Make no mistake. The red face would like to carry on his stranglehold of the epl to the cl. That is along shot for him.He will not be ableto do it even he goes on until he is 99.9 years old.
    For starters ,RM ,Barca,Bm are they are the three standing in his way and have the financial means to compete with him. Tactically they are slightly ahead or his equal. The same cannot be said of Wenger.
    If the gunners lose to rf,the cl hopes could take a severe blow.Of course the red face may be able to get the help of the mo unwittingly to punish the gunners. Very elementary. Add 3 to 5 min to the aet if he is trailing by one goal and reduce it if he were leading.
    There are other ingenius ways to make sure he is winning. That is why for all his dominace in the epl,he is unable to replicate it in the cl if the mo aint co operative. And long may it continue this way.

  12. Bisi says:

    Dis is madness at arsenal Fc. Most painful tin is fans in eng that they can’t fight for us by abandon sume marches for does useless old fools called board member. Imagine what kind of structure they are talkn abt ? Take a look at real madrid, barca, b munich, man U, etc. They spend big and ther stil ther collectin tropys did arsenal. Fc. Richer dan dem ? No. So why dis pple are fooln us wenger is 4th eaner coach in the world of footbal so he likes money. But he can’t spend hmm. Pls wakeup arsenal fansforum. Does Ppl dnt deserved to be in our board Arsenal is bigger dan dem let us drove dem away

  13. Tom says:

    Maybe it’s the purist in me but I disagree. I would’ve liked to see RVP and Man U come to the Emirates to fight it out and try to win it here. To see RVP face the fans who supported him through thick and thin , only to see him turn his back on them and join their enemy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him for leaving , just not to Man U. It also would’ve been good to see Arsenal square up against Man U with the title still to be won. It would be a good measuring stick to see how far off the pace we are and what we need to do to be competitive again. Go Arsenal!

  14. Tim says:

    Itas Wengers problem to always gamble, spend less and perform averagely, sell two or more classy players at thhe end of each season, i bet Wenger will still qualify for CL,, BUT THIS GAMBLING CASINO AT ARSENAL MUST STOP, only one last chance for him

  15. Elias says:

    Wenger only improves his rivals. RVP gave ManU the trophy this season. It is time Wenger and the Arsenal board stop this stupid business and be realistic. They don’t know what the fans all over the world suffer for all these nonsense. We want trophies and not Champions league qualification alone.

  16. She said Nooooooo says:

    Wow – I am more than happy to offer free English and grammar lessons to Arsenal fans struggling with the basics as some of the comments are rather comical.

    As for RvP, he will never be remembered as a Legend, regardless of how many plastic hugs on the side lines.

    Those blaminig Wenger and the board… do you think they wrote RvP’s statement last summer?

  17. Jed says:

    The standard of English on this comment board is indeed atrocious.

    I am blaming Wenger and the board. We lost our best players because of their management mistakes.

  18. PD says:

    Really LH ?? Look at the league tables for the past 6 years. Ferguson finds a way for his team to be there or thereabouts eery single season. If it wasn’t RvP, he would have found another way. They would probably not have won it with 4 games to go but I guarantee they would still be in with a shout of winning it in the last couple of games.

  19. Jon says:

    Well said. I agree that the guard of honour is nothing compared to the shame of them actually winning the title at THOF. Van Persie’s gone – I’m not sure that there’s any way that we could have reasonably kept him – if we had tried to enforce his contract, he’d have just played sh!t for a year and then walked on a free. He was at that point in his career where he needed to win things and thought that the mancs were a better bet for that than us. You can’t fault his logic. We got cash that bought us Giroud and Podolski, which, regardless of what you think of them, is better than the nothing that we’d have ended up with otherwise. We should just move on.

    I think that we can beat them on Sunday, though. It happens so often that clubs who’ve won the title lose their motivation and so their performances drop off. We are currently the second top form side in the league. We can do it. And, if we do, I reckon we’ll get fourth and possibly, if the cards fall right, third.

    If we get CL qualification then I also think that AW will spend this summer. My theory is that his aversion to spending has only been made manifest by the servicing of the stadium debt and the cashflow restrictions that came about due to the various property developments that the club had it’s fingers in. These are now largely done and dusted, so i think that he’ll dust off the cheque book. Otherwise, the stadium development (in which he was heavily involved) doesn’t make sense. As a manager, why whould you be central in building a stadium to improve the club’s revenue stream, unless you wanted funds to help you compete with your rivals? You certaily wouldn’t do it to increase the shareholder’s dividends. And you wouldn’t do it just so that the finance team can look at the large bank balance. Surely, you must be looking to fund a team, otherwise there’s no point from your perspective.

    I chose to live in the land of the optimist – I hope to see at least two or three big signings, matching or beating the club record. Then a title challenge (at last!!).

  20. Stevie Morrow is God says:

    Playa, you’re right, even when things turn to shit there are always a few consolations. The big one is the invincibility, but not losing a title on our own turf is up there as well.

    I also used to console myself with the thought that when players left us their careers usually nosedived into absurdity (Helb anyone?). That’s no longer the case now and it hurts like hell

  21. Roland C Rozario says:

    ” To The Victors be Humble, and to The Vanquished be Graceful ”
    Arsenal must in the 2013/2014 season revisit the deft touches and victories of the INVINCIBLES!
    Wenger and The Board must rebuild NOW!!

  22. Adams says:

    Dude,i didn,t get ur name bt i think this one of the genuine write-ups i have read…thats great.Watching RVP strike 3past villa,i was filled wit tears & i askd my brother,’which manager in the wrld wil sell this player to his bitter enemy?’… won,t in this wrld sell Falcao to,Man.utd won,t in this wrld sell Ronney to arsenal.Watz wrng with wenger?..he even told fergie,”the player is better than you think”,…& he replied, “i knw already”…RVP isn,t a traitor,AW is.

  23. MDP says:

    I personally favour the dignified stance here, all that matters is getting 3 very difficult points. With Fergie in charge, United will be prepared for this fixture but we don’t need to fire them up with no guard of honour and booing. We’ve already been handed an edge by their players partying all week, lets not hand it all back by focusing on meaningless frustrations.

    I indeed take comfort from many glorious times in the past but I also have a big chunk of optimism about the future. Arsenal are still incredibly strong and one of the most powerful clubs in world football. A position that has grown from a lot of hard work over the last 10-15 years and this wont disappear over night regardless of how this season pans out. We have the best stadium in the premiership, commercial deals are just bearing fruit and the revenue stream is on a steady upwards curve. The board and the manager have acted far from perfectly but there have been no disasters as of yet and I simply don’t buy the idea that they are out for themselves. They are more than aware that success on the pitch and trophies makes for a more powerful and effective business. Spurs may believe the tide is turning but they are years behind Arsenal. That’s what keeps me happy.

    So, forget Robin Van Persie, he means nothing to Arsenal now. Lets focus on making the Emirates an absolute cauldron of an atmosphere and get what we need from this game so Arsenal can build the next generation.

  24. longtallgooner says:

    I am a grandfather to a young gooner and long in the tooth. I have seen some dreadful football at Highbury over the years but have many happy memories before the present regime took over. The Fairs Cup Final win is a real treasure for me. I thank Arsene Wenger for transforming the football and winning us many admirers. Unfortunately, I can’t extend the same gratitude to the board or Arsene Wenegr for the recent stubborn refusal to invest in the playing side and for professing faith in a squad that has not competed on the same level as Man Utd. I was disillusioned and as sick as the proverbial parrot about RVP leaving, but have to hand it to him, he has done a great job and whatever you think of Fergie, he knows how to build a winning team. One thing about being a fan is you keep coming back for more, and that’s what I’ll be doing next season, providing they don’t cut my pension!

  25. PD says:

    I’ll just say in advance of the game……we desperately need the win to get in the CL next season which is massive for the club in so many ways & I so hope we do it. I think Utd having the league won is great news for us cos they obviously won’t be going at 100% but……if we do win, if I see one person afterwards talking about how it shows the gap between us & them isn’t great I will tear my hair out. It will be idiocy of the highest order. (and I fear Arsene will be the first one to say it adding to the ever growing feeling that he is completely detached from the reality of where we are as a club)
    A win will do huge things for us but as for our ability to match the leaders : the league table has already told us where we are. Nothing that happens on Sunday will change that. So please, if we win, let’s enjoy it for what it is and no more.

  26. PD says:

    FFS, Evening Standard reporting that Fabianski prepared to stay & fight for his place next season for his last year. 100% sure someone on here said recently his contract was up next month. (damn you whoever you are !!!)
    So of all the dross we need rid of that ,means only 2 as far as I know (Arshavin, Squillaci) are out of contract. Am I wrong, someone please tell me I’m wrong ????? surely another one out of Mannone, Djourou, Santos, Denilson, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh etc etc must be out of contract to make like a bit easier ???? (and let’s be honest there’s even more that are actually still involved day to day who should be on their way too)
    Longest summer ever ahead.

    Anyway….come on u Reds. A bit of fcuking pride on Sunday. We know they’re better than us but this game means everything to us & nothing to them. We’ll never get a better opportunity to beat them

  27. RVP was a great player..
    now he had achieve his dream…

  28. slc gunner says:

    @PD: I believe it was me that said that Fabianski was out of contract. I couldn’t vounch for the accuracy of the website though. That said, it could be that he is out of contract and is looking to sign a new deal. I would prioritize a midfielder, 2nd striker (not a winger cum striker) and a defender over a gk.

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