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The old good end to a bad week


I COULDN’T help feeling a sense of “if only” after this.

Like Blackburn, we hadn’t always been totally coherent. Unlike Blackburn, we were never anything less than totally committed.

And I think it was that which made the difference. And say what you want about the fickleness of the Emirates crowd, but I think the vast majority in the ground appreciated as much and were really willing the team towards victory. Of course, you’d expect them to do that, but what I mean is that the winner was one of those where you felt you almost detected a bit of the old fashioned sucking the ball in from the home support.

The first half had been infinitely better than I’d feared pre-game. We actually scored, a nicely taken Cazorla effort. He was the best of the bunch. Nobody shirked but some found their touch easier to come by than others. Villa, for their part, were always enterprising and “too good to go down” came to mind.

We came out, as is not uncommon, with the burners on the for the second half. But we were struggling to create chances. The Villa goal duly arrived – another poor moment for Szczesny. I can’t help thinking that at the very least he could do with some decent competition in the squad. The fact that Vito Mannone doesn’t even play in the FA Cup tells you everything you need to know.

Straight after their goal we again were struggling to create clear cut chances. But suddenly the pace picked up, one or two opportunities went begging and we had an excellent second: great ball from Wilshere, very good pull-back from Monreal and not an easy finish for Cazorla.

Player wise, I thought Aaron Ramsey continued to confound a few of his critics: he came on at a time when people were restless and would have been an easy target for the disenchanted. But he didn’t put a foot wrong and put a fair few right too.

A pleasing way to end what, we shouldn’t forget, was a pretty woeful week.

11 Responses to “The old good end to a bad week”

  1. skillz says:

    the turpsy turvy life of being a gooner continues…however it was a very important win because chelsea seem a bit out of sorts at the moment…iv always said the europa league with its thursday fixtures is just a horrible competition to be in if you value your league form..and i fully expect the spuds to choke today too…iv sat down to watch them and i can say this,while they are capable of quality football,they do allow their opposition so many chances..if any one they face can be clinical in front of goal they’d be buried..bale is carrying them on his own goal wise due to his brilliance and because they have a lazy forward man like Ade,dempsey goes missing largely in games and dembele is hit and miss…fingers crossed they come a-cropper tonight…Wenger will need to drop his nice guy persona with our boys and show zero tolerance for underperformance..thankfully Gervinho is feeling that now,his two horrible misses in cup ties contributed to our ouster, Szceszny is another begging to be dropped,sunderland aside he’s been making costly mistakes…monreal seems a business-like player and i like him a lot…

  2. Odbam says:

    How can you say Ramsey played well? he never does…. he came on and they scored us. Also why does Ramsey come before Rosicky???? … I give Jenkinson more blame than Schesny for d goal conceded….. Definitely Spuds will drop points today.. is just a matter of how many

  3. abccourage says:

    the team gave a decent performance and not really a ‘pleasing’ one. I’d expected more fire and ruthlesness from them, and i have to say i’ve been hugely impressed with rambo’s commited performance and energy level in recent matches(except the bayern game and the first goal) but he is still not the beast of a DM(diame, strootman) that we need. Fingers crossed more decent performance in the rest of the campaign will hopefully see the team earn a champions league birth(third is still possible going by chelsea’s form).then the season wouldnt be a total failure.

  4. slc gunner says:

    not brilliant, but definitely deserving winners. villa had really done nothing in the 2nd half until their goal. szczesny is not having the best time of it recently. at least last week he stopped the shot, albeit his parry was not great. this week, he should have saved weimann’s effort. all that said, i still think he’s a good keeper. all keepers at top clubs have been making mistakes: de gea, hart, reina to name a few.
    interesting that the preferred formation now seems to have jack in the attacking midfield role with santi on the left. this is to the exclusion of podolski who has had a decent 1st season. i still prefer jack deeper alongside arteta, with cazorla, walcott, podolski and giroud further forward. that was the lineup that really turned the screw once the equalizer went in. diaby and ramsey are doing ok, but i feel they slow the game down too much. one could argue that arteta needs a break, and that ramsey should be sharing duties in there. he did well when he played there recently.

  5. PD says:

    Didn’t see any of the game due to family commitments. Vital 3 points, really couldn’t see us coming back if we’d lost a third home game in a row.

    slc, the difference between Chesney & De Gea at the minute is that when De Gea needs a break, he gets one. When Arsene came out at the end of last season & confirmed that Chesnet had been playing injured for 3 months taking painkilling injections before each game – what did that say about his faith in Fabianski who was fit & available that whole period. And yet no new keeper bough last summer ??? Crazy, crazy stuff & we’re paying for it. I have huge faith in Chesney but we desperately need another keeper during the summer.

    Anyway….next up the Totts. I actually think I’d take a draw. Kills me to say it but I would.

  6. slc gunner says:

    PD: i take your point. i would not trust mannone or fabianski based on past performances. a new keeper is a must in the summer. i think fabianski’s contract is up, so that will probably force the manager’s hand.
    as for the next game, it’s huge. just watched the spuds beat west ham. they deserved it overall, even though west ham had a great chance to go up 3-1. bale is the difference. without him, they are not up to much. they are a little porous at the back though, so we could be in for the usual derby goal-fest.

  7. PD says:

    Is Fabianski’s contract up ? Good news. I think Squlliaci & Arshavin too ? That means only Djourou, Santos, Diaby, Denilson, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner, Gervinho to find buyers for. Piece of cake :-)

    Yeah, massive game Sunday. We simply cannot lose. If we do, I think we’re def finishing behind them. Agreed, it’s all about Bale. They’re not up to much apart from him. Mind you. if I was a Totts fan Id’d probably be convincing myself that we’re all about Jack & not up to much apart from him….

  8. skillz says:

    Well spurs didn’t slip up as hoped..again they showed as I mentioned earlier the penchant to give away’ll be down to how efficient we wil be they say in movies if you want something done you might as well do it urself..the selection on sunday will hav to be spot-on..

  9. Aqueel says:

    A win the players needed after a bad week. The problem Arsenal has is a lack of commitment and discpline from a team to defend as a unit, caught ball watching while players peel off our defense to score, they hardly seem to shut down anybody on the ball outside the 18 yard box, so much time given for the opposition to punish Arsenal, what is Steve Bould doing? Bayern portrayed an excellent showcase of a team working as a unit to defend and attack, there movement on and off the ball kept Arsenal guessing and running around like headless chickens. We have the quality on paper, but after all a team wins games as a unit, consistency comes through full commitment of team to work and play for one another.

  10. MDP says:

    On another note.

    So glad to see a statue of Bergkamp is to be placed outside the Emirates. I’ve always seen Dennis and Thierry as first equal in terms of best Arsenal player ever. It felt a little wrong when the previous statues were unveiled.

    Maybe it will help sway Dennis back in a coaching capacity now.

  11. PD says:

    I see Arsene is banging on the ‘our away form is good enough’ drum again. This has been annoying the hell out of me for months, it’s such blatant lying. We’re 5th in the league; if away form only counted we’d be……..5th in the league !!!!
    I’ve been thinking this for a while…the bitterness between the two extremes of Arsenal fans is being consistently inflamed by Arsene/the club. I’m not sure what they think it’s achieving but it’s simply got to stop..

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