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The ‘One Arsene Wenger’ chants are back. And deservedly so

Arsenal 2 Hull 0
From Goodplaya at the Emirates

WHEN Match of the Day is over an hour old and the league leaders are yet to be shown it means only one thing: a composed, drama free win.

And so it was last night. We just look so in control at the moment. Even when we’re not firing fully we’re bossing things, principally because we’re closing the opposition down so well. The comparison with the Arsenal of just two or three years ago could not be more stark. (Almost) gone is the casual, almost halfhearted jockeying of opposition players when they have the ball, replaced by a terrier like determination to treat every fixture as if it is the most important yet.

I said almost in brackets before because while Theo Walcott possesses many attributes, never giving the opposition defenders a moment of piece while in possession is not one of them. And, of course, because of Bendtner.

The Match of the Day critique of him (it was basically omg Bendtner scored) seemed well wide of the mark. His scoring record has never been terrible. It is the attitude and commitment that I have spoken about at length above which has been in dispute. And for me, welcome as his very well worked and expertly taken goal was, it is his inability to work the line and hassle the defenders half as well as Giroud does that means we still must move in the January transfer market. I’m not saying we can’t win anything if we don’t but it will be a whole lot harder.

Both goals were a delight. The brother of Goodplaya was making a rare appearance this season having survived mostly on TV coverage and he was taken aback by the way the Ozil goal, delightfully created by Ramsey, was greeted with a fair delight but perhaps not the gasps of wonderment that it would have elicited a couple of years ago. It was a fair point and one borne out of the fact we’ve become spoilt again this season.

The chant for Wenger was sung with good gusto and rightly so. Thus far he is proving this sceptic wrong and I couldn’t be happier.
Everton on Sunday looks juicy.

19 Responses to “The ‘One Arsene Wenger’ chants are back. And deservedly so”

  1. N7 says:

    So nice to not panic mid-game.

    Tip: If you find yourself getting over-confident, just think of Eboue conceding that penalty against Liverpool. Works every time.

  2. Wallace says:

    both goals were beautiful in the simplicity of their execution. and great to see us rest some key players and still maintain a high level. if Bendtner can maintain that level of commitment and Sanogo can show us something of what Wenger sees in him maybe a striker in January might not be an absolute must. although the boost of a player or two coming in would be preferable.

  3. Gf60 says:

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  4. slc gunner says:

    For the first 20-30 mins of both halves, we were outstanding. As typically happens, a team can’t sustain that pressure and dominance for the entire 90. Nonetheless, another fine wil. Interesting to see one impact of a more experienced team: they’re not afraid to give each other a bollocking when needed. Witness Kos letting Szszesny know when he played a loose pass late on, and there were other men. The Cesc team was a little too nice in that respect.
    Bendtner did alright: a little rusty maybe, but the early goal was a great boost.
    We’re now into a tough 4 game stretch, but players of this quality should look forward to the big games.

  5. PD says:

    It’s looking good.
    Good point from slc re: the bollockings. We’ve been far too quiet for years. Flamini has been crucial in changing that culture.

    My first live game of the season on Sunday. Not living in England each game now is a huge expense for me & if I’m honest my 2/3 trips a season for the last 3/4 years have been more to catch up with old friends & enjoy the match-day experience. For the first time in ages, I am genuinely excited about watching the team. I can’t wait.

    Bendtner ? Better he did well than not but totally agree with Goodplaya : winning will be a whole lot harder if we don’t add a striker. Ask yourself a question those who don’t think it’s a must : if we don’t buy & Giroud gets injured & we slip away in the last 2 months……how much of the goodwill Arsene has won back would he lose again ? A lot is my guess. It’ll be 10 years in May since our last title – if winning this one can be made a lot easier, wouldn’t it be just mad not to ??

    gf60, selling your wares on someone else’s blog ? Bad form.

  6. slc gunner says:

    PD, you’re right re Flamini. He’s definitely a leader in that respect. I also think the BFG has become a major leader on the pitch.

  7. PD says:

    Yep, definitely. If Vermaelen moves on next summer (which I think is distinctly possible) the BFG should be made captain on a permanent basis.

  8. Elvis says:

    I am pleased to hear that GP is finding this new diet of his own words to be so satisfying!

    Fair play to Bendtner. Acting like a ponce off the pitch but last night he put in so much more of a shift than he did in the League Cup tie and I am glad he scored. Not a bad rotation option against more limited sides.

  9. Wallace says:

    re a striker my two concerns would be – nobody of sufficient quality being available mid-season of a WC year, and also anyone coming in upsetting the balance of the squad. they do seem to be quite a close-knit bunch. also, fascinated to see if Ozil can strike up a productive partnership with Podolski, who i’m sure will be played centrally when he returns. i would like to see us bring someone in as cover for Mertesacker though.

  10. PD says:

    Here’s the thing re: quality wallace : he just needs to be better than Bendtner. If there was ever a time to make a short-term only signing this is it. If that means buying someone in Jan, only to move him on during the summer (if as expected Arsene spends Ozil-size money on a striker) then so be it if it wins us the title.
    Someone like Berbatov (who Arsene is a record of being a huge fan of) could be worth a gamble ?

  11. skillz says:

    Berbatov?? that will be a bad idea for this my opinion the guy has regressed in his work rate is abysmal… last thing you want in a team as committed as this arsenal one is to add a player who won’t come in and work just as hard..he’ll just come in and poison whatever team spirit he met in the squad…

  12. Wallace says:

    Berbatov would be interesting, although like skillz said he does seem to have slipped a bit this year. if we do buy i hope it’s someone who is comfortable as a target man, like Giroud, rather than a pure goalscorer – Sturridge, Hernandez etc.

  13. Elvis says:

    Buying Dimitar Berbatov would be adding to our options in attack what buying Mikel Sylvestre was to bolstering our defence in my opinion.

    Supplementing the squad with an ageing ex-Spurs and Man United player now visibly in decline just feels wrong to me if we’re serious about challenging for the title.

    I think Arsene might well try and make it through with Bendtner and Sanogo, playing them against more limited teams (e.g. Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Cardiff, Fulham at home), and in the FA cup.

  14. Wallace says:

    will be interesting to watch Lukaku tomorrow. he looks like he’s going to be an absolute beast. typical Mourinho though, always going for experience – Eto -over youthful potential.

  15. PD says:

    It’s just a thought. Like I said, short-term. Berbatov starts very well at every club before his enthusiasm wanes. There was nothing wrong with his workrate in his first season at Fulham that’s for certain as anyone who saw his destroy our defence at home last season could see.

    The more likely option is that we’ll get no-one & try to cope with Bendtner/Sanogo as Elvis says. If it goes horribly wrong, prepare for Arsene to be under pressure again. (and deservedly so in my opinion)
    He should simply not gamble on this chance of a title.

  16. PD says:

    Alternatively, there’s that Moroccan lad at Palace who’s started banging them in……

  17. Wallace says:

    Chamakh was such a strange case. those first 4mths at Arsenal he was so good. the perfect target man – scoring goals, mobile, great in the air….i guess his attitude can’t have been great, but happy he’s finally showing some form again.

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