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We are where we are

I’m conscious it has been quite a while since my last post here. It isn’t that I haven’t been watching the games. In fact, with a 5 year-old who increasingly demonstrates all the signs of his father’s obsessiveness, in one way watching Arsenal is more enjoyable now than it has been for some time.

The reason for the quietness on here is that I’m really not sure there is a great deal to say. Of course, there is plenty to be said about each match. But have I seen anything this season that has made me sit up and reappraise the big picture? Not a jot.

For what it’s worth, I thought the early season panic post Stoke and Liverpool was slightly over the top. It didn’t come as any great surprise to me that we followed it up with a few wins, nor that before long we came a cropper again. I’ve long thought that we are in decline, probably not rapid decline, but clear decline nonetheless. I imagine we’ll be scrapping for a Europa League place at the end of this season. We could get 4th because Liverpool and Chelsea clearly aren’t perfect. Equally we could end up behind both of them and miss out on European football altogether.

And there we are. Few of the players are wowing me right now. Irrespective of any financial considerations, I do actually hope we lose Ozil sooner or later. My heart wants Wilshere to succeed. It also knows that our central midfield is not a title winning one. Up front, there should be goals.

Anyway, Swansea next week might just be my 5 year-old’s first game. He sits through entire 90 minutes when the matches are on TV. He even stayed watching during the second half of Brighton, which was not exciting fare. So fair enough, the time has probably come. He’s excited. I’m probably even more so.

8 Responses to “We are where we are”

  1. 80's Gooner says:

    My thoughts exactly. After years of stagnation we are now in decline. Win a few lose a few. A finish anywhere between 4th & 7th. This will continue whilst SK & AW reamain at the helm

    The snob in Wenger might make him play a stronger starting 11 when the CL rejects enter the Europa League in the new year.

  2. MDP says:

    Everton have been playing really badly and their manager is under loads of pressure. Just the sort of game that Arsenal traditionally give the opposition a help in hand. Koeman is just the type of manager that will try and exploit Arsenal’s weakness’s. I’m sitting down to watch this one hoping that we can have the same attitude and approach that we took to Stamford Bridge.

  3. MDP says:

    That was good.

  4. Elvis says:

    Awww, that’s sweet. Though this sounds a bit ‘Waldorf and Statler’ I feel for Son of Playa who will now be stuck with Arsenal for life.

    He will have days like today against the worst Everton side I can remember when Arsenal score for fun. He will have the odd moment of exaltation, like against Chelsea in the Cup Final. But he is also condemned to watch miserable capitulation like last week at Watford, just when he was foolishly letting himself get his hopes up.

  5. PD says:

    ‘We are where we are’ indeed. As I’ve said before, we just have to enjoy games like Everton without worrying about what it all means or how long it will last. We’re not going to win the league again with Arsene as manager; let’s just hope for the best over the next 18 months or so.

    Enjoy the little fella’s first game Goodplaya. He may be in for many frustrating years ahead as a Gooner but he’ll make friends & memories that will last a lifetime.

  6. PD says:

    After a good win v Everton, we get high drama from an 18 year old kid 3 days later – what a good few days it’s been for a change ! Roy of the Rovers stuff from him.

  7. Elvis says:

    Rejected by Chelsea academy as well, PD, making it doubly enjoyable. Who was that bloke, son of a former Arsenal player now coaching at the club, (Ampadu?) who’s playing for Chelsea? Proof mistakes happen in both directions.

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