Sports are fun. It brings you joy and makes you bond with the people you play with. Playing with friends is not just comforting, great for your health but also a lot of fun. While sports alone is great, when combined with the scenic views of the beaches becomes ten times more fun. With sand beneath your feet, the air caressing your body, and the freshness of the saltwater, it’s only more fun to play a sport while being there. 


Some advantages of sports:

  • They’re enjoyable
  • A great exercise 
  • Makes you have loads of fun with your family and friends.
  • It helps in bonding people socially


People from all over the world play sports on beaches that are just great. Here is the list of some of them that people find the most enjoyable. 



Best beach sports to play in.

Sand ball. 

As the name suggests, the sand ball is played on the sand in the form of two teams on either side of the net. Their job is to make the opponents drop the ball. The sand slows you down which makes the sport ten time more fun to play. It is not only a must in many places but also great fun. The next time you’re at the beach why not sand ball with the buddies. You’ll love it!


Beach tennis. 

It’s plain tennis but on the beach. Combined with the salty water rubbing against your feet and the warm sand underneath. It’s tricky to master, and a super exercise and makes you compete with passion. I love playing this with my buddies every time we’re on the beach. 



Something I have been dying to try myself. Surfing is getting a big board, taking it to the sea, catching a wave, and just riding it. Surfing is next-level fun and will take some considerable experience to master. It also requires the sea to be a particular way with the waves not too harsh nor too soft. I envy all surfers out there!