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Hydrate well


Drinking regularly is the best way to avoid dehydration. It is necessary to hydrate before, during and after sport. A good hydration allows a better recovery. The consequences of dehydration are: a reduction in performance, muscular accidents, digestive disorders … Water is the only drink essential for good hydration, however for efforts lasting more than 1 hour the effort drinks can provide a real boost.

Vary your training


To help keep you motivated, change your exercise routine often. Not only will this help you maintain your healthy lifestyle habits, but it will also help you avoid peaking, and thereby constantly surpassing yourself. By doing so, you will achieve your most unattainable goals.

Improve your technical basics


In the vast majority of situations, you need to know how to control the ball. Learning the basic techniques is therefore essential in order to move with the ball. The most important playing techniques are dribbling and ball control, which allow the player to control the ball while moving around and avoiding opposing players. Juggling can be a very good practice in learning how to control the ball and how to balance the strength of the ball.


Having stalled his organization

Best competitions

In the same vein, understanding its organization and logistics for the day allows us to avoid a large part of the tensions. There is nothing worse than seeing your stress increase sharply because you can’t find your destination or meeting point, you’re late because you left too late to maintain a safety margin… Being organized and far-sighted is also an additional asset to be more Zen on the big day!

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