Everyone enjoys spending their time relaxing at the beach. The wet sand and cold water on a hot sunny day really feel like a treat to be in. swimming at the beach is a given. But what else can you do when you have a fully planned beach trip with your pals and would like to make the most out of the day? There are several other sports you can indulge in to have a great time at the beach. 

This article discusses the different types of sports you can enjoy on your beach day. 

Beach volleyball

Perhaps the number one favorite sport to play the beach-Beach volleyball. It is great when you have friends visiting the beach with you as the more people there are, the more fun you get to have. It is also an excellent way to get a good day’s worth of exercise in. Plus, if you are short for people on teams, many people at the beach will be more than happy to join a fun game. 

Sand football

If you like being in the sand and you like football, this is the sport for you. You will again get in a good amount of exercise with all the running. Plus, playing football in the sand will feel like playing in the clouds. The wet sand feels amazing when you have to slide and glide to pass the ball, and it is fun. 


Being at the beach and not getting to go in the water does not make sense. Be sure to take time out and go surfing. Feeling the water sprinkles on your face while you surf the water at high speed is probably the most fun thing to do at the beach. So be sure to experience it at least once. 

Ending thoughts 

Being on the beach on its own can be fun in a while can really make your day that much more memorable and fun.